How will yours be estate 2022? Even if the times of lockdowns and stricter restrictions seem long gone, it is legitimate to think that, again this year, we will find ourselves experiencing a "sui generis" summer. Not for nothing, there are many Italians who, perhaps frightened by quarantines and prohibitions, give up exotic destinations to stay in Italy. 

So, let it be Italian summer! On the other hand, there are many activities to do in order not to get bored: always, of course, with style and attention to detail. We at Local Apparel had fun compiling a small list of pleasant summer situations, and then we imagined associating them with the clothes from our collection Primavera-Estate 2022.

Here is the result! 

A dinner with friends, in a small typical restaurant 

If there is one thing that is never lacking in Italy, it's good food. It can be found everywhere: in the kitchens of our grandmothers, as well as in village festivals. In the most sought-after places, but also (and above all!) in the most intimate and typical restaurants. 

More and more often, it happens that small family-run restaurants pass from generation to generation, until they reach the hands of the youngest members of families. Usually, when the contemporary and "fresh" spirit of millennials is added to the ten-year culinary wisdom, the results are really excellent. 

Here: this summer it is precisely towards these small typical restaurants, a little between tradition and innovation, that you must turn your gaze! Not only will you have the certainty of having a great experience, but you will also support local restaurateurs (which is not bad). 

What kind of outfit should you prefer for a dinner with friends in a typical restaurant? Without a doubt, opting for a mix of elegance and informality is a great choice. If it is true that the evening occasion calls for refinement, we must also take into consideration the context: the more contemporary "local" restaurants often boast very welcoming, quiet and inclusive atmospheres. So, elegant yes ... but without overdoing it!

Here are our proposals.

Pantalone GLORIA in cotone organico jersey

Blusa MIRIAM in cotone organico

GLORIA trousers in organic cotton jersey with oversized MIRIAM organic cotton blouse

OLYMPIA cotton drAndss in Hassan or Mataram pattAndrn

EMMA Abito in cotone organico colore naturale e fantasia Medan

EMMA Organic cotton drAndss, natural color and MAnddan pattAndrn

A plAndasant walk through thAnd Italian villagAnds

ThAnd villagAnds arAnd onAnd of thAnd jAndwAndls of Italy most lovAndd by intAndrnational tourists. As oftAndn happAndns, wAnd Italians arAnd not vAndry good at apprAndciating and valuing our trAndasurAnds. This happAndns bAndcausAnd wAnd arAnd usAndd to bAndnAndfiting from thAndsAnd bAndautiAnds AndvAndry day, sAndvAndral timAnds a day: wAnd takAnd thAndm for grantAndd! 

For this summAndr, makAnd yoursAndlf a promisAnd: to organizAnd somAnd trips out of town, to discovAndr thAnd most bAndautiful and Andnchanting Italian villagAnds! DolcAndacqua, Bobbio, San Gimignano, Positano, Polignano a MarAnd, Norcia thAndy arAnd rAndally a lot. Pull out thAnd map and start organizing. 

Which thAnd bAndst outfit to visit a villagAnd? CAndrtainly, onAnd that is comfortablAnd, but at thAnd samAnd timAnd romantic! Comfort is nAndcAndssary bAndcausAnd you will find yoursAndlf walking and moving, pAndrhaps AndvAndn with vAndry hot tAndmpAndraturAnds. ThAnd idAnda of bAnding a littlAnd romantic and vintagAnd comAnds from thAnd aAndsthAndtics inhAndrAndnt in thAnd villagAnds thAndmsAndlvAnds, which by thAndir naturAnd rAndcall intimatAnd, drAndamy and almost moviAnd-likAnd atmosphAndrAnds!

A fun wine tasting in the cellar

Also the vineyards and cellars homegrown deserve more attention and care from local tourists. Our wines are loved all over the world not for nothing and, in every month of the year, it is possible to find crowds of international tourists at the most famous wineries in Italy. Why do we Italians continue to ignore the beauties, including entrepreneurial ones, that surround us? 

Visiting a winery is a great idea for many reasons: it allows you to get in touch with the territory, helps us to get to know local realities, makes us taste food and wine delights and allows us to spend a beautiful day in the company of our friends. It doesn't get any better than that! 

Considering that even during the tastings you will have to move, perhaps to visit the interior of the cellar or to discover the vineyards, the ideal is to opt for a comfortable, airy, natural outfit, but also able to protect us from the coolness of the cellar or from any tall grass. 

So, yes to long cotton pants comfortable, as well as a bluse, also in cotton, with long sleeves.

An interesting tour of the museums and galleries of your cities

Finally, we certainly couldn't leave out the idea of visit a museum or an art gallery! As you well know, our beautiful country is dotted with places dedicated to culture, music and artistic disciplines: it is really difficult to find a city that does not have at least one museum or gallery to offer its citizens. 

Our advice is to draw up a list of the types of exhibitions or museums that you would like to visit (eg. contemporary art, archeology, natural museums, ...) and find out what are the proposals of your city or of the cities closest to you. Keep an eye on the cultural news of your municipality: very often, calendars are full of very interesting events and inaugurations! 

Visiting a museum means enhance the cultural offer of the various cities, but it is also a way to do good to ourselves: it is always nice to learn something new and regenerate yourself in the face of the wonder of art or history. 

But how to dress, to visit a museum or an art gallery? We suggest that you prefer a refined yet comfortable outfit. In certain places of art it will certainly be better to prefer elegance, but you must still take into account the movements and (often long!) walks that we will have to do to move from one place to another. Let us also remember that, in case we also want to visit religious places, it might be wise to opt for long sleeve dresses or blouses. Here are our proposals!