Heritage Collection: an opportunity to meet, again and again.

This is the name we have chosen to give to the careful and painstaking selection of clothes from our past collections that we will present to you over the next few days. 

The fashion world runs fast and moves quickly from collection to collection, but some clothes remain imprinted in the mind and, above all, in the heart. 

This affinity with certain garments happens to you who welcome them into your wardrobes and then wear them, but also to us who design and create them. All of Local Apparel's clothes tell and represent the brand's philosophy, but some contain a special soul.


These clothes resist the passing of time and the alternation of fashions and seasons, to become iconic and a true legacy of the spirit of the brand: our 'heritage', able to embody Local Apparel's values at their best

So it is they, the Local Apparel garments that you have loved the most in the past and that represent us the most, that are the protagonists of the special Heritage Collection

We chose this name and to juxtapose it with the phrase "meeting again to rediscover oneself" not by chance, of course. "Heritage" means, as we said, 'legacy', but it also means 'inheritance'.

We like to think that some of our garments represent a true legacy of all that Local Apparel is today: a legacy for you, who make room in your wardrobes for high quality, durable clothes that will stand the test of time; a legacy for us, who still find inspiration and ideas for future creations from what has been achieved in the past; and a legacy for the planet, which rejoices when the world of fashion becomes circular and sustainable.

With this opportunity, you can learn even more about Local Apparel's roots and history by taking home our most iconic clothes at a very special price.

We are really looking forward to telling you about our Heritage Collection and introducing you to the garments in which we see the ultimate heritage of our brand.

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