While most people choose to go on vacation in August, I prefer to organize against the trend and stay at home, in my city, during what is undoubtedly one of the busiest months for travelers and one of the quietest for those who don't. it moves.

Have you ever noticed how calm, livable, charming and almost romantic big cities become when they empty out during the summer? Even the metropolises become silent in August and the streets are filled with an almost surreal atmosphere that has stopped in time.

Of course, between the heat and the few activities to do, the risk is to get bored and to spend time envying those who have instead chosen to go on vacation, but the secret is knowing how to organize and constellate your days with fun outings and encounters. !

For example, today I have chosen to dedicate the morning to a short, but relaxing walk in the city park, while in the afternoon I will go to my friend Sara's swimming pool. Tonight a nice dinner awaits me with some friends and tomorrow I will go to the discovery of a natural lake that I saw a few days ago on TikTok and which apparently is right here near my city.

Start the day!

My outfit to go to the park in the city

I avoid going out during the hottest hours and take my walk in the park early in the morning, so that I can enjoy some cool.

This little morning outing has practically become a habit and I have to say I really like it! The absence of crowds makes the park very peaceful and quiet: it almost seems like a small corner of nature all to myself, where I can relax, lose myself in my thoughts and enjoy a good regenerating walk.

Today I decided to enrich my outing with an outfit that is comfortable, original and beautiful at the same time, entirely signed Local Apparel. I put a couple of shorts DRUSILLA color terra it's a t-shirt GRETA camel color.

I love that both of these garments are made in cotone: makes them extremely fresh, soft and welcoming. I also like their colors very much: I think they are really summery and they go perfectly with the natural palette of the park.

Collezione Primavera Estate - Drusilla pantaloni corti in cotone organico
Collezione Primavera Estate - Greta t-shirt in cotone organico con ricamo fatto a mano

The perfect outfit for a poolside party

After lunch I go to Sara's house. She also stayed in the city and enjoys the hot August days by the edge of her beautiful swimming pool on the terrace: luckily she often invites me and other friends too!

The beauty of days in the pool at Sara's house is that they almost always turn into real pool parties, complete with music, drinks and fresh snacks to complement the fun.

To combine the need to stay cool with the desire to wear something beautiful and distinctive in any case, I chose to wear it over my bikini the white dress SANDY by Local Apparel. I really like it for its soft shape, the spaghetti straps, the gathered front and the wide neckline on the back. It makes me feel comfortable, but also elegant!

Sandy abito lungo bianco in cotone organico



Since I already knew that the day at the pool would soon turn into an aperitif, I played in advance and brought a change of clothes with me, to amaze my friends and to give an even more special touch to the day.

I then sipped a great drink by the pool wearing mine black top in pure cotton crochet FANNY (I love its halter neckline and the fact that it's all hand woven) and mine beautiful long skirt in organic cotton TAYLOR, which looks really great combined with the top.

Collezione primavera estate - top in crochet nero Fanny
Collezione primavera estate - gonna lunga Taylor in cotone organico

My outfit for going out for dinner on an August evening

One of the advantages of being in the city in August is that it is very easy to find a place in any restaurant, even in the most requested and exclusive ones.

This evening some of my friends and I have chosen to pamper ourselves a little and to go to dinner in one of the most popular and appreciated restaurants in the city. It is usually necessary to book weeks in advance, but we were able to easily find a table to ourselves.

I choose to crown that stroke of luck and the elegant occasion by wearing the'suit OLYMPIA by Local Apparel. I love it! Black is one of my favorite colors when it comes to dresses and the details of this dress are really crazy: I love hers neckline, the cut-out detail on the waist and its long sleeves with curls.

Every time I wear it I make a great impression and I am sure that this evening will not be outdone too. I think it is really the perfect dress for a refined and elegant summer dinner!

Abito lungo nero Olympia con dettagli cut-out


The perfect outfit for a trip out of town in August

As I get ready to go out for dinner, I already arrange my outfit in the closet for tomorrow's out-of-town trip. As I told you, I will go in search of an enchanting natural lake that an influencer on TikTok was talking about!

It will certainly not be a demanding walk, but in any case there will be a bit of movement and comfort is a must on these occasions. However, I don't even want to say goodbye to style entirely!

I have no doubts about what I will put: the gonna DIVINE mustard color by Local Apparel and the white blouse in organic cotton CAMILLA. So I will be fresh, comfortable and original at the same time! I will enjoy the tour and will undoubtedly look great in the videos and photographs that I am going to send to my friends.

Now I leave you: I can't wait to wear my OLYMPIA dress and go to dinner with my friends!

Collezione Primavera Estate - Gonna lunga estiva colore senape
Collezione Primavera Estate - Blusa estiva bianca in cotone organico